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I love all kinds of books! For all my friends, I am known on GR as Alicja. I don't stick with a genre, that's boring. Instead you'll get reviews from the most random assortment of fiction and non-fiction works. It's probably due to my interests being as eclectic as my book tastes.


I'm a girlfriend-loving bisexual, science fiction geek, PC gamer, historical fiction devourer, hiker, atheist, history buff, opera lover, vegetarian, kayaker, metal and hard rock concert goer, science nerd, politics debater, world traveler, M/M romance fan, and I have the ability to transform from an adult-like hard-working professional into a screaming fangirl in five seconds flat.

Knight Of Swords by Ian Breckon

Knight of Swords - Ian Breckon

Rating: 3/5

Summary: A man is found wounded in the woods by a family hiding out in a castle in World War II torn Italy. Both the family and the man have a mysterious past, neither one wishes to share.

Review: I don't typically read mysteries but overall the story seemed to move slowly and didn't have that suspenseful feeling that I expected. Frankly, at times I was bored. I figured out most of the family's secrets but was pleasantly surprised when I found out the wounded man's secrets which led to an awesome and completely brilliant ending. Unfortunately, the earlier 250 pages weren't as impressive.