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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr

Rating: 2.5/5

Summary: The world of the faeries is invisible to the humans around them… mostly. Aislin is one of the few that can see them. She’d been taught her entire life to ignore them… don’t speak to them, don’t stare at them, don’t attract their attention. They are dangerous. And yet… the Summer King decided that Aislin will be his queen. Without the rules to protect her anymore she is thrown into the world of faeries with her freedom and life at stake.

Review: A quick and easy read, I think it is also considered Teen Lit. I picked it up because it advertized faerie folklore and that sounded fantastic. It is an enjoyable book and I spent a good weekend reading it; however, it is an average book. The plot is involving and kept me turning pages but lacked sophistication, the characters were as deep as high schoolers tend to be (even the faeries that should have had more depth and darkness). The characters were also at times a bit hard to connect with, including Aislin, the main character. The world of the faeries and our world were marvelously combined but it just didn’t seem like the author pushed hard enough to get the maximum emotional payout that she could have. It is almost as if she had written the plot for adults with all the darkness, grit, heartache, and loss enough to give it an edge but instead watered it down for teens and therefore made everything somehow less… engaging.

Overall, competent writing, an enjoyable romance, and an interesting enough plot filled with faerie lore. A decent by-the-pool summer (or year round if in Florida) read.