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Treasure by W.A. Hoffman

Treasure - W.A. Hoffman

Rating: 3/5

Summary: Will and Gaston continue face a new complication, Gaston's father arrives in Jamaica. Will he be a friend or foe? What other challenges and fights await our sexy buccaneers?

Review: This is the third of the four volumes following Will and Gaston as they raid, rove, and murder on the high seas while dealing with family issues and drama on land. This continuation of the m/m pirate buccaneer romance mostly takes place on land in Port Royal, Jamaica as Gaston's father makes an appearance and brings with him additional drama into our boys' lives.

The story and themes continue but unfortunately this volume is mostly filled with family drama and contains very little roving and raiding (which I enjoy a lot more). Also, unfortunately, the last few chapters that do include the roving and raiding seem rushed. I wish they'd spend more time at sea and doing violent, pirate-y buccaneer-y things.

The animal metaphors are starting to get to me a bit as well. It started with wolves and sheep and it was great but now we've got every animal on the planet in metaphorical form; however, there is still some philosophy to draw from it and I've always enjoyed that, plus the ridiculously hilarious dialogue and plot. And... the sexiness has definitely gotten more D/s over time, which actually works with the psychologically fucked up Will and Gaston and their psychotically sexy (uh?) relationship.

Although I enjoyed the first two volumes better, I'll still read the last one in the series because I at this point I need, require, demand a conclusion, a proper ending this wonderful, horrible mess because there is still at least one foe pulling strings from far-off England.