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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith

Rating: 3.5/5

Summary: This is the story of Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States and… vampire hunter. Abe’s life has been affected by Vampires since childhood. After someone he loves is killed by a vampire, he sets out to hunt them all down. But when a vampire saves his life, he realizes that things are a lot more complicated and sets out on a path that will eventually move him in into the White House.

Review: The book appears to be from “historical accounts” such as archives and newspaper clippings, Abraham Lincoln’s “diary”, pictures, and information taken from other sources and put together as if a historian had done the research. But it is complete fabrication (well, duh, vampires). The format is innovative (at least to an amateur reader such as me) and well written but I couldn’t help but feel that it also caused an emotional disconnect between me and the characters, I just couldn’t get myself 100% into it. And I really wanted to love this book, history (especially US political history) and vampires are two of my favorites.

The plot was interesting and it was ingenious how smoothly Grahame-Smith integrated Lincoln the politician with Abe the vampire hunter. But the ending was sadly very predictable. I hadn’t gotten through half the book before I guessed it. My first reaction was that there was no way he’d go that way, it was too obvious. And then as I read the last few chapters I kept yelling out, “No way! No, no, no, please tell me he has something better planned!” He didn’t. I was disappointed. However, despite the hard time I had emotionally connecting with the characters and the predictable ending, the book held my attention; it was actually a page turner. The plot alone is worth to read and his presentation will make anyone question, if only for a second, whether vampires are real and if ‘ole honest Abe actually hunted them in the night.