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I love all kinds of books! For all my friends, I am known on GR as Alicja. I don't stick with a genre, that's boring. Instead you'll get reviews from the most random assortment of fiction and non-fiction works. It's probably due to my interests being as eclectic as my book tastes.


I'm a girlfriend-loving bisexual, science fiction geek, PC gamer, historical fiction devourer, hiker, atheist, history buff, opera lover, vegetarian, kayaker, metal and hard rock concert goer, science nerd, politics debater, world traveler, M/M romance fan, and I have the ability to transform from an adult-like hard-working professional into a screaming fangirl in five seconds flat.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - Douglas Adams

Rating: 5/5


Summary: The adventure continues for Arthur Dent, Ford Perfect, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Trillian, and Marvin. They are sent through time and space as they, yet again, try not to die.


Review: The ridiculousness continues as our protagonists’ adventure continues. This time they not only cross space but also time. Eventually they do get to eat between being hurled through time, barely escaping with their lives, almost plunging into the sun, and entering their own pockets. Adams continues to be absolutely hilarious. He delves even more deeply into philosophy in this one than the last one, tackling issues such as politics, religion, and the structure of society. I laughed until tears fell from my eyes.


There really isn’t much I can say that I haven’t said about the previous novel. It is just as wonderful, brilliant, random, funny, sarcastic, and witty. And it hurt my brain, but in a good way. For anyone who loves the first novel, they will adore this one just as much (if not more).


The ending again was a bit odd but since I had the next novel handy, it didn’t bother me.