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I love all kinds of books! For all my friends, I am known on GR as Alicja. I don't stick with a genre, that's boring. Instead you'll get reviews from the most random assortment of fiction and non-fiction works. It's probably due to my interests being as eclectic as my book tastes.


I'm a girlfriend-loving bisexual, science fiction geek, PC gamer, historical fiction devourer, hiker, atheist, history buff, opera lover, vegetarian, kayaker, metal and hard rock concert goer, science nerd, politics debater, world traveler, M/M romance fan, and I have the ability to transform from an adult-like hard-working professional into a screaming fangirl in five seconds flat.

Torchwood: The Sin Eaters: A Torchwood Audio Original Narrated by Gareth David-Lloyd - Brian Minchin, Gareth David-Lloyd

Torchwood audioplay!


Rating: 4/5


Review: Read entirely by Gareth David-Lloyd, the first time I listened I checked out within five minutes of hearing that wonderful voice of his. His accent is divine and, when I actually paid attention to it instead of floating in a sea of wonderful Welsh vowels, the voices he does for each character are perfect (including Jack's American accent).

The story is interesting and typical Torchwood. Strange things happening in Cardiff and, oh surprise, it's aliens! This story has a bit of a weird religious spin to it but that just makes it more interesting. I don't want to spoil the plot so I won't go into it but this is one of my favorite TW stories out there (even if I still miss Tosh and Owen). All the team members (and Rhys) are in character and we even see a lot of Jack and Ianto interaction as they work together which we don't get much in the show.